How does tax depreciation save you money?

Any house or unit constructed after 18 July 1985 attracts Building Write-off Allowance on the original construction costs. However with all investment properties,  Plant and Equipment attract depreciation benefits from the date of settlement. These specific items of Plant and Equipment, as defined in the tax ruling, attract higher depreciation rates than what is applied to the building.
To maximize your legitimate claim, it is important to identify all items of Plant and Equipment, which can only be effective by a thorough on-site inspection. In addition to items individual to the property, you are entitled to claim depreciation for Common Area items, such as pool filtration, lifts, tennis courts, gymnasiums and health equipment.

We as Quantity Surveyors will obtain the maximum benefits available under the tax rulings.  We do this by:-

1 Guaranteeing you'll save twice the fee in the first year - or the depreciation schedule will be free.

2 Inspecting your property, usually within two weeks.

3 Utilising actual, historical construction cost data that's only available to companies - like us

4 Preparing a depreciation schedule, drawing on construction cost expertise.

5 Presenting the schedule so you can simply hand it to your accountant.

We are experts in the construction industry and are sure you will be more than happy with the professional results

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